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Restroom Anarchy - Fight Club, Tyler/Narrator Rated R [Jul. 19th, 2010|11:01 pm]
Fight Club Slash


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Title: Restroom Anarchy
Fandom: Fight Club
Pairing: Tyler Durden/Narrator
Word count: 1,126
Rating: R
Warnings: For Fight Club, it's pretty tame. Mentions of violence. Nothing much other than that.
Writer's notes: I've not long since finished reading Fight Club after a long break from seeing the movie. The relationship between Tyler and the narrator seems to me to be more ambiguous [or maybe clearer in a slash sense] in the book and inspired me to write more than the film did.

There's a reference in here that I seem to have made to a fic written a while ago by terraswrath. The reference was completely unconscious, but it seems that her story was so good it's become part of canon in my mind.

Unbeta'd, but I have extensively reviewed and edited it. If you spot anything, let me know. Concrit is, as always, very welcome.

Restroom Anarchy